Indulge in the timeless art of tempura at TSURUYA, the historic Japanese restaurant.
With a rich heritage, we delicately fry each bite to perfection, creating a symphony of flavors.

天麩羅 Tempura

Tempura, a popular Japanese dish, comprises battered and deep-fried seafood, vegetables, and sometimes fruits, with a light, crispy coating from a mixture of flour and water.

Tempura is commonly accompanied by tentsuyu, a dipping sauce made from dashi, soy sauce, and mirin, enhancing its flavor.

Light, Crispy Texture
Its thin batter fries quickly, resulting in a crunchy exterior while preserving natural flavors and textures.
Made with various ingredients like shrimp, fish, vegetables, and more, offering endless combinations for different tastes.
Simple, Elegant Presentation
Often served with golden-brown fried ingredients arranged neatly, making it suitable for casual or special occasions.

Our commitment to tempura


Tempura is a very simple dish, but it involves techniques and nuances such as pre-processing of ingredients, coating method, and delicate temperature control of the oil.
At Tsuruya, our tempura is characterized by a tradition of exquisitely thin batter.

We do not excessively coat the ingredients with oil, and finish them to a crisp texture, ensuring a light and crunchy sensation. You can indulge in plenty without experiencing stomach heaviness.

Our Tempura Maister

At the counter, you can enjoy having your preferred items fried right in front of you while observing today’s fresh ingredients. With each light ingredient dipped into the oil, you’ll hear a satisfying sizzle, and the anticipation of deliciousness will be heightened by the aroma that fills the air.

Please witness the skilled craftsmanship of tempura chefs, who delicately introduce ingredients into hot oil without hesitation, timing their frying with precision.

(Tempura counter is available at Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka restaurant.)

四季折々 Season by season


At Tsuruya, we offer a diverse range of kaiseki cuisine prepared with beautiful seasonal ingredients, reflecting Japan's four distinct seasons.

Our dishes are vibrant and rich in seasonal flavors, with presentation that enhances the seasonal experience.
Even our tempura dishes feature the finest seasonal ingredients.

Join us at Tsuruya to savor the essence of each season through fresh ingredients and delicate cooking techniques.

Introducing Tsuruya


A Time-Honored Japanese Cuisine Restaurant

Founded in 1908, Tsuruya has upheld the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine and tempura for over a century, preserving a legacy of excellence and tradition.

In 1958, during the World Expo held in Brussels, Belgium, Tsuruya took charge of operating the restaurant in the Japanese Pavilion.

Over the course of six months, the second and third generations of Tsuruya, along with numerous chefs and service staff, managed the restaurant's operations.
The Japanese Pavilion at the Expo received tremendous acclaim, attracting over five million visitors during its duration.

Since then, Tsuruya has remained unwavering in its commitment to Japanese hospitality, warmly welcoming guests from both domestic and international backgrounds with the essence of Japanese hospitality.